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MKL empowers Business Sellers by allowing Sellers to keep more of their hard earned equity at the close of the sale and making it easier for a Buyer to buy.

MKL does this by offering the following 3 Seller Options that are based on MKL services the Business Owner/Seller feels most comfortable with.

You, the Business Owner/Seller, decide at the start of process of selling your business what your cost will be to sell your business, in other words, how much you feel comfortable paying MKL for their expertise which then gives you more latitude in your negotiations with Buyers since you know your sales cost up front.

You will gain more profit from the sale of your Business… and it’s still all totally confidential and performed with a commitment to following the ethical procedures necessary to ensure a successful transaction and transfer of ownership.



Flat Fee

Option 2


Flat Fee

Option 3


Engagement Fee REDUCES Commission by 2 Pts to 8%

MKL provides the following services where checked:
1. Create Confidential Business Profile
2. Listing and Monitoring of 6-10 Confidential Advertisements (1 yr)
3. Provide intermediary service for all Buyer Confidentiality Agreements & Personal Profiles
4. No insulation; Seller personally qualifies potential Buyers or Brokers
5. Assist Seller & Buyer in writing a Purchase Offer / Purchase Agreement
6. Provide a comprehensive Business Evaluation
7. Consulting with the Seller throughout the transaction process
8. Provide assistance throughout the Escrow or Closing process
9. A point of contact for all inquiries (no unsolicited calls)

10. Monitoring of Buyer Confidentiality Agreements & Personal Profiles

11. Assisting the Buyer with funding & educating them to Seller's goals

12. MKL Qualifies all Buyer’s and Brokers representing Buyers prior to presenting to Seller

13. Total insulation from potential Buyers (Sellers only speak to those MKL feels are Qualified and Motivated)

Find out more about these revolutionary programs by reading about these options below:
Option 1 - $1,495 Flat Fee
Ideal for a small company anywhere in the USA with few employees, regardless of revenue or industry, whose Seller desires to work closely with Buyer’s by Qualifying these Buyer’s from the documents provided by MKL, and where the Seller is better able to personally express their financial position and income due to the lack of structured financial statements or tax returns that might not tell the full story. Candidates for Option 1 are Sellers who know how much they want to receive for their business and do not require a Business Evaluation. Service period is 6 months.
Option 2 - $2,495 Flat Fee
Includes all services of Option 1 plus a Business Evaluation and Continuing Advice (up to 1 hour per month) and is ideal for a company anywhere in the USA with a Seller who requires more guidance on how to deal with Buyer’s which allows MKL to take the initiative to make sure all pieces are in place and ready for the final close of the transaction either with an attorney or through an escrow company. Service period is 12 months.
Option 3 - $1,995 Engagement Fee REDUCES Commission by 2 Points to 8%
This Option is the FULL MKL Broker Service and includes all services of Options 1 & 2 plus the Seller is totally insulated from all Buyers until a serious qualified Buyer is found. The Buyer who is brought to the table and introduced to the Seller has been Qualified by MKL. This Option is ideal for a company located ANYWHERE in North America whether the business has a few employees or several to many employees, whose Seller requires total confidentiality and wants to be insulated from all Buyers and the Qualification process of these Buyers as well as having MKL work closely with Buyers in helping them secure funding as needed to purchase the business. MKL will advise the Seller as needed on how to deal with Buyers on a continuing (unlimited) basis. Service period is 24 months.

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